About us

In 2016, recognizing the need for a resource that could be utilized by the community as well as our cohorts and the medical, mental health, and social professionals working with the community, Greyson began compiling the first version of the Transgender Language Primer.

This earlier version was hosted by Outshine NW and quickly became a popular resource. In 2017, the TLP expanded beyond this early version to become a dynamic Google Document with members of the community adding new entries and expanding definitions regularly with project leadership consistently seeking out ways to continue to be inclusive.

With the sponsorship of an anonymous patron, the TLP was able to hire a sensitivity editor to help curate and plant firm intersectional roots in the document.

And now, with help from the Transgender Justice Funding Project, the TLP is expanding once again, both with an upcoming Spanish language translation and this website.

It is our hope that this phase in the development of the TLP will lead to even greater usefulness to the community, our cohorts, and the medical, social, and mental health professionals that work with us.

If you have any suggestions on how we can continue this work, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Trans Language Primer Team

An close-up image of Greyson.

Greyson Simon

Editor-in-Chief, Project Organizer

Greyson Simon (vi/vir/vis or they/them/their) has been out as a nonbinary person since 2009 and as a queer since 2004. A college dropout with the debt to prove it, they've been involved in numerous community projects including Genderfork, The Facebook Transgender Alliance, and several independent art projects, resulting in their being named among the Trans100 of 2015. All of this, they feel, culminates in the Transgender Language Primer—a community driven education project capable of adapting to our community's dynamic needs. When not day-dreaming about all the cool stuff that the Transgender Language Primer could do in the future, Greyson enjoys playing RPGs of all kinds and helps produce a DnD5e storytelling-driven podcast called Heroes Not Included (available on your favorite podcast app) with their partner and friends.

An image of Rain sitting in a wheelchair.

Rain Chamberlain

#OwnVoices Editor 

Rain Chamberlain (they/them) is a non-binary person who is both autistic and disabled. They spend their life working to make circumstances better for the communities they are part of, and have been an advocate for the transgender, intersex, homeless, and neurodivergent communities. Rain also spends significant portions of their life writing, including fiction of multiple lengths, community resources, poetry, and occasionally lyrics. During downtime, Rain can be found embroidering and crafting, spending time with friends and chosen family, and researching their special interests.

A photo of aiden kneeling and writing in a notebook.

Aidan Zingler

Managing Editor

Aidan Zingler (they/them or ze/zem/zir) is a nonbinary individual who has, throughout their life, advocated for impoverished communities, anti-racism movements, and trans communities in hopes of creating a more equal, equitable, sustainable, and just world. Aidan is also a writer of science fiction and poetry, who has a Bachelor’s in physics with a minor in music composition. In their spare time, Aidan enjoys creating fractals, playing games with friends, or hanging out with their very fluffy cat named Sergeant Quark Amaya McFluffers.




We couldn’t do this without you!

Our Patrons make all this and more possible with their support and generosity. We cannot possibly thank you enough. A special thank you to the following patrons whose monthly contributions to the TLP Patreon allow us to keep doing our work: DC, Minna Reilly and Rhi of The Magpies Podcast, Corrine Beck of the Magic Folk Podcast, the entire Roll Like a Girl Podcast, Dana Cameron, Anthony Fleury, Jonny Ehrich, Laura “Laura47” Boylan, Casey Dilg, Andy Nees, Aaron Spiegel-Emms, Will L., Ryan B., and HDisco.


Special Thanks

Mx. Michon Neal of The Metanoiac Portal, who was our sensitivity reader for 2017 and whose edits have been instrumental in making this a living document that can supply a foundation of intersectional awareness and understanding around gender. If you have a document, project, or blog that even remotely deals with or needs an intersectional awareness of systemic privilege and oppression (aka everyone who has a document, project, or blog), should hire hir for this work. The insight that ze brought to the entire process of redrafting has been so beneficial, not only to the TLP but also to me as an individual working on being more fully human and cognizant of these systemic influences on my own language and behavior.